Tools We Use

At Sad Panda we use many industry standard tools to build our games.  This blog post will go over the different tools used by our programmers, artists and contractors to build the content you see in Crush Crush, Hush Hush and our other games.

The programming team uses the Unity Engine for building the games.  The Unity engine leverages the C# programming language, and we use Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Mac for most of our code creation.  We also use Xcode on Mac in some situations (usually for our iOS builds).  We use git for versioning control, and we use different applications for managing git.  For example, Programmer Panda uses git extensions.  When necessary, the programming team uses Paint.NET for image manipulation.

The artist team uses the Adobe Creative Suite for creating artwork.  Most of the artwork is vector artwork, made in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Animate.  This artwork is then converted to flat images and edited in Adobe Photoshop.  Most of the artwork is placed on a network attached storage device and then shared via either Jira or Slack with the programming team for integration into the game.

The writing team uses Google docs, and most of our games have the ability to pull content straight from Google docs directly.

Lastly, the audio team uses Audacity for recording and sound manipulation.

Many of the programs we use are free and/or open source, which is great for a small studio like ours!  However, we do have to pay subscription fees for Unity and Adobe products.  It is worth mentioning that Unity does provide a free license to indie developers who are just getting started.  Hopefully this blog post has given you some insights into what a small studio uses for building games!

~Programmer Panda

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